NPYou Account Management

North Park University provides a variety of sites and services to students, faculty, and staff. This includes access to online course content via Moodle, a North Park email account, as well as a variety of sites supporting education and campus life. For a list of sites, visit the Account Page.

This process is quick and easy and will change your password for all your North Park services. If you run into any trouble, or have questions about your account, please contact Information Technology. IT Offices are located in Caroline Hall.

This page is the official way to create your North Park network account, or change your North Park password.

If you are on campus, and you do not have access to a computer to create your initial password, a Password Change Kiosk is available in the IT office, located in the basement of Caroline Hall.

Before changing your password, please make sure that you are not logged into any computers other than the one that you are using to access this page. You will be asked to log out or reboot immediately after successfully changing your password, so that you can log back in with the new password.

ATTENTION FACULTY & STAFF: If you use a North Park laptop, you should only change your password from that laptop while ON campus. Changing your password while using your laptop off campus will cause it to be unable to authenticate until you return it to campus. Be sure to reboot your laptop and log in (using the new password) as soon as you have made this change.

To Begin, Please enter your North Park ID Number.

This form is being discontinued. North Park is moving to Microsoft Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) instead. If your account has already been moved to SSPR, then the error "malformed ID" will appear, and you should follow the password reset instructions on https://www.northpark.edu/password instead.

If you have any problems with the password reset process, please contact Information Technology: it@northpark.edu or 773-244-5540.

(seven digit ID Number, with leading zeros)