Chicago Intensive

A semester-long urban experiential learning program

The Chicago Intensive is a semester-long program with all classes and experiences focused on the dynamic city of Chicago. Designed to foster learning in the context of relationships, students in the program will share the same curriculum with opportunities for group discussion and interaction. It's intended for students in their sophomore year at North Park—after you're comfortable with the university experience, but before you're fully immersed in your major classes.

Program Components

  1. Classroom: Students will belong to a cohort that will take the same classes for one semester, tailored to address the urban context through various areas of study.
  2. Practicum: Each student will serve with a community-based organization doing meaningful work in the city.
  3. Integration: Faculty and staff will facilitate the exploration of new concepts and ideas. This includes tangible opportunities to see firsthand the diverse fabric of the city through its residents, walking tours, museums, performances, and local dining.


What does it cost to participate?
There is no fee for the program. As long as you register for additional classes bringing you up to a total of 15 semester hours or above, your financial aid status should not be affected. Please contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.

I am a commuter, can I participate?
The program was designed with both commuter and residential students in mind. Classes, practica, and experiences will typically take place during the day (i.e. 9:00 am–5:00 pm). This means you will be able to leave campus (or wherever else we happen to be) in time for the evening commute.

I’m from Eureka, South Dakota. I don’t know anything about Chicago.
This program is for you! The program is designed to help you learn more about Chicago and how the city can change your perspectives and worldview.

I grew up in Chicago. I already know everything about the city.
This program is for you! We’re pretty sure you’ll learn something new by participating and make some new friends along the way. Did you know the Twinkie was invented in Chicago? You’ve learned something new already! Even if you’re from Chicago, we believe your personal experiences of growing up in the city will inform the cohort in ways a textbook cannot.

Will I fall behind? Does this mean I can’t graduate on time?
Each of the courses offered as part of the Chicago Intensive will satisfy a General Education requirement. As long as you haven’t taken classes in the categories we are offering, you should stay on schedule.


  • You must complete a Cornerstone class by the beginning of the Fall 2016 term.
  • You must have at least a 2.5 GPA by the Fall 2016 term in order to participate.


Contact Rich Kohng at rkohng@northpark.edu.


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